Dania Akeel and Mashael Alobaidan, Saudi Women to participate in the Dakar Rally.


I’ve been passionate about motors since I can remember. I started driving in the backyard with a battery-powered red convertible at 3 years old, then moved onto quad-bikes at 8, following that onto two-wheels and into the desert on a 150cc dirt bike at 14. I joined the road on a 800cc street bike at 27, and finally entered the track at 30 years of age on a 959 Ducati Panigale Corse. The natural progression of my moto-journey has brought me to participate in my first racing season for the Ducati Cup in the UAE National Sportsbike Superseries 2019/2020 season.
I performed well and was awarded the trophy for ‘Rookie of the Year. My intention is to consistently grow and develop - both as a rider on the racetrack and as a person on the walk of life. For this reason, I believe it is only natural for me to partake in one of the most challenging desert championships around the world. It also happens to be taking place in our sandy backyard. I will move forward with this new goal with dedication, discipline and commitment and look forward to the results of hard work.
I am thankful for all those involved who would be part of this undertaking and know that it is only with their support that our team would be able to achieve its target.
I am grateful for the opportunities that have transpired for me to be able to do this during my lifetime.


Love for adventure, adrenaline, and motorsports. From a young age, I have always been interested in sports and outdoor activities. Always being next to the sea, I soon became a PADI certified advanced scuba-diver and a free-diver. The beauty of the places I was lucky to discover sparked my passion in photography as well, to best capture
the moments I truly cherished. Also from a young age I began exploring the world of buggies, dirt bikes and motorcycles beginning with surfing the grand KSA sand dunes all the way to Utah’s desert, and California’s golden dunes. I was able to obtain my USA Motorcycle driver’s license and also became a licensed rally racer in KSA. In addition, I received training in Orange County’s M&M Motorcycle, California Motorcycle safety program, Mx Dubai Motorcross, and Crazy Camel Rally & Navigation Training.




MAREK DABROWSKI and JACEK CZACHOR together achieved 5 CC FIM World Championship Titles and participated in the Dakar Rally 15 times. Their sport career made them one of the most experienced people in the world in Cross Country sport. For more then a decade they share their knowledge with new generation of Polish and international riders and drivers all of who became pro- competitors, achieving many titles and successes in the Rally business. Founders of Rally Training Center in UAE.

Two Legendary former bike riders and top 10 car drivers in the Dakar will teach Dania and Mashael how to transfer bike skills to the offload buggy car and conquer the Saudi Desert.





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